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2 years ago

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For years we talked about rocking, or MMF sex, as we xnnxx made love, has been the biggest change in most of our marriage, to talk about it sometimes, if we do not love, but do xnnxx not have the courage to do that happen. For the scene that we're both in our late fifties, have brought our children and saw how they got their way in life, decided to take a long vacation, my husband Chris to leave a lot to come to we booked a cruise for 6 weeks in the sun aboard a wonderful contribution, everything was great, we were dancing almost every night in the plush living room, until one afternoon when Chris fell and sprained his ankle, not dancing for him for a while, we went to the salon, because I was friends with other couples who like to dance, Chris told my husband, why not dance with other men, going to enjoy myself while he was sitting and I look at the soil turned by five different men. as the night progressed the dancing xnnxx became more intimate, slower nUmbra, carried out feeling very xnnxx tight bundles in the bars that did not like the night before, then inevitably hands on my ass, and despite my age I have still a good figure is not super thin girls today, I have curves but most of them in the right places, and yes, I am very proud of my ass, still tense and very well rounded, only wearing a thong under my long evening dress was of silk, not much to hide my body has to check the hands, groping and Chris xnnxx said, ' are you OK with him, he smiled and said, just a bit of fun, but the flush on his face tells a different xnnxx story. This was the first time another man actually my ass from my youth had cherished before marriage, and had a much greater effect in those dark and distant days, I was very excited, and could feel the wetness of my hell, I went back to Chris and sat with him, whispered in my ear, enjoy this is not true, I could not liand he said yes and it makes me horny, take me back to the cab and take me only as one of the guys asked me to dance again, was by far the most daring and almost had his finger pushed into me by my dress as we danced, it is a slow number and took advantage of the fact that I kept pressing his hard cock on my leg while I danced on the floor, he asked if I wanted to meet him later looked as innocent as possible and asked what, fuck ass, of course, his response, I was surprised at first, no one has been so direct and upfront with me, but he stopped me in my mind was to evoke the idea that big hard cock pressing on my leg press the other hand, he said, as the music xnnxx ended, and he took me back to my husband, who had watched all the time. I was sitting next to him and told him what he did tell blush, I thought for a moment and then told him exactly what he had said, I expectedwant to explode, but only said that they are, I am as honest as I could try and said : I dunno, I probably will for a while, I danced with a few more, before xnnxx the band ended the evening, we headed back into the xnnxx cabin, despite the pain he was, he tore his clothes and threw me on the bed, whore, as if we were teenagers xnnxx again, not just once, talk about what happened and he said he could be the time to exercise our imagination, I was not sure until I gave him was the second time in less than an hour as it struck me how much I love him, I said xnnxx do you want to catch him so he complained and said : yes, yes, yes, when I was in his big cock to climax. We spent most of the next day around the pool, not much more could be done, Chris, but after the dinner, said he wants to dance want to go tonight, I said yes, if it's good with you said do you want to go alone, I asked if I knew whatreported to have said yes, I'll give you the opportunity to get his cock in, if that 's what I want, I told him I wanted cock, but not alone, that would
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